Global Chemicals Outlook

1st and 2nd Steering Committee Meetings of the Preliminary Global Chemicals Outlook

During the first meeting of the Steering Committee held on 29-30 June 2009 in Geneva, three Task Forces were created to work on the three thematic areas. Their tasks were to collect existing information sources and data on trends, environment/ health impacts of chemicals, on the economic costs of chemicals mis-management, and on obstacles and policy options for integrated chemicals management including the promotion of safer alternatives, to identify the main issues to be dealt with in the Global Chemicals Outlook, and to identify potential methodologies and tools to be used in the project.

The work of the Task Forces resulted in three background papers, which were reviewed and discussed during the second meeting of the Steering Committee held on 14-15 September in Geneva, to allow for the development of the Preliminary Report. During this second meeting, a special emphasis was put on discussing available methodologies for conducting an economic analysis as part of the Global Chemicals Outlook.

The report of the Steering Committee meetings as well as the agendas and the lists of participants can be downloaded by clicking on the links provided below.

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