Chemicals in Products
UNEP-implemented activities in support of this SAICM emerging issue

Activities related to information on chemicals in products (CiP)

Brief background on the Chemicals in Products project

Useful documents from the CiP project:

CiP Project synthesis report - February, 2011

Sector case studies of the project:

Project report:
Chemicals in Products - An overview of systems for providing information regarding chemicals in products and of stakeholders’ needs for such information - November, 2010

Project Needs Survey report:
Survey of SAICM Focal Points on the Need for Information on Chemicals in Products
- December, 2009

Events in the CiP project:

Workshop of the Chemicals in Products Project
16-18 March, 2011 - Geneva, Switzerland

Sector-expert Consultation for the Chemicals in Products Project
9-10 December, 2010 - Geneva, Switzerland

The Chemicals in Products side event at the 18th Commission on Sustainable Development
May 6, 2010 - New York, USA

Chemicals in Products Project Scoping Meeting
17-18 December, 2009 - Geneva, Switzerland

Informal Workshop on Stakeholders’ Information Needs on Chemicals in Articles/Products
9-12 February, 2009 - Geneva, Switzerland

In May, 2009, the second session of the International Conference of Chemicals Management (ICCM2) adopted a resolution agreeing to implement a project on Chemicals in Products (see attached resolution text) with the overall objective of promoting the implementation of paragraph 15 (b) of the Overarching Policy Strategy of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management. The Conference invited UNEP to lead and facilitate the project. The Conference agreed that the following tasks be undertaken:

  1. collect and review existing information on information systems pertaining to chemicals in products including but not limited to regulations, standards and industry practices;
  2. assess that information in relation to the needs of all relevant stakeholders and identify gaps;
  3. develop specific recommendations for actions to promote implementation of the SAICM with regard to such information, incorporating identified priorities and access and delivery mechanisms.

The resolution recommended that proposals for cooperative actions should take into account the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals and avoid any duplication of efforts under that system.

As UNEP advances the activities of the CiP project, it communicates closely with the Steering Group for the project.

See also the presentations from the ICCM2 side event on chemicals in products.

UNEP will report on the project implementation and its outcomes to the SAICM Open-Ended Working Group (in mid 2011) and to ICCM3 (in mid 2012).


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