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Symposium on illegal international traffic in hazardous chemicals
The Czech Republic and the Chemicals Branch of the Division for Technology, Industry and Economics, United Nations Environment Programme with the support of the German Government organized a symposium on illegal international traffic in hazardous chemicals.

  • The Symposium took place 6-8 November 2006, Prague-Pruhonice, Czech Republic
    Symposium announcement

The objective of the symposium is to share information and experience from different regions on the size of illegal international trade of hazardous chemicals and wastes, the adverse effects of this on human health and the environment and to take stock of and evaluate existing measures to address illegal traffic.
The Czech Republic and UNEP Chemicals invited representatives from governments, industry, public interest groups and intergovernmental organizations to participate in the symposium.
In order to assure equitable geographical representation in the meeting the organizers invited the regional coordinators for SAICM to nominate 4 representatives from Africa, Asia and Pacific and GRULAC UN regions and 3 representatives from CEE UN region whose participation was supported thanks to the financial contribution of the German government. Moreover, participation of 3 NGO representatives was sponsored.
  • Participant's information:
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