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Action Plans and Studies
Replace/Reduce Release of POPs


Governmental Actions Plans

IGOs Actions Plans

NGOs Actions Plans

Country Studies



Governmental Action Plans

*    Australia:
Elimination of Organochlorine Termiticides: Alternatives Strategies for Controlling Termites in Australia
Department of Primary Industries and Energy

*    Bangladesh:
National Environment Management Action Plan (NEMAP)

*    Canada:
Chlorinated Substances Action Plan: Progress Report
Environment Canada.

Biomarkers for Great Lakes Priority Contaminants: Halogenated Aromatic Hydrocarbons

*    Estonia:
Persistent Organic Pollutants Control in Estonia
Ministry of the Environment of Estonia

*    Germany:
Dioxins and Related Compounds Status and Regulatory Aspects in Germany.

*    Japan:
Basic Guidelines of Japan for the Promotion of Measures against Dioxins
Environment Agency of Japan

Japanese Law Concerning Special Measures against Dioxins 
Environment Agency of Japan

*    Mexico:
Experience in Reducing Use of DDT.
Ministry of Health

*    New Zealand:
A Strategy for Managing PCBs
Ministry for the Environment

Phasing Out Small PCB Holdings.
Ministry of Health

*    United States:
Management of PCBs in the United States

PBT National Action Plan for the Level 1 Pesticides.

*    United Kingdom:
UK Action Plan for the Phasing Out and Destruction of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and Dangerous PCB Substitutes.
The UK Department of the Environment.

IGOs Actions Plans

*    CEC:
Commission for Environmental Cooperation:
Management of PCBs in North America

*    UNIDO:
UNIDO Activities Related to a Global Plan of Action for Reducing or Eliminating Risks Associated with POPs.

*    WHO:
International Community to Step up Coordination of Malaria Control.

Action Plan for the Reduction of Reliance on DDT in Disease Vector Control.

NGOs Actions Plans

*    Greenpeace:
Achieving Zero Dioxin: An Emergency Strategy for Dioxin Elimination

*    PAN World Wide Fund International:
Problems with POPs towards Better Alternatives
Consumers International, The Pesticides Trust.

*    CEC: Commission for Environmental Cooperation:
Management of PCBs in North America

Country Studies

*    Burkina Faso:
Phase II Assessment at the Soumousso Experimental Station (Burkina Faso) of the Effectiveness of two Insecticides: WHO 3002@1g/m2 & 3004@0.1g/m2 When Sprayed Inside Huts of Bobo and Mossi Type on Carriers of Malaria.

*    China:
Alphamethrin - Impregnated Bednets for Malaria and Mosquito Control in China

*    Gambia:
Comparison of Bednets Treated with Alphacypermethrin, Permethrin or Lambdacyhalothrin against Anopheles gambiae in the Gambia.

*    Germany:
Origin and Disposal of PCB-contaminated Wastes, Produced Paper on German Practical Strategies for PCB Disposal.

*    India:
Bioenvironmental Control of Malaria linked with Edible Fish Production in Gujarat

Bioenvironmental Control of Industrial Malaria at Bharat Heavy, Electricals Ltd., Hardwar, India- Results of a nine-year study (1987-95) 

*    Pakistan:
Indoor Residual Spraying with Alphacypermethrin Controls Malaria in Pakistan: a Community-randomized Trial

*    Philippines:
Comparative Study of Solfac 10 WP (Cyfluthrin) and DDT 75% WDP on Reducing Malaria Prevalence in the Philippines.


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