Projects to Address Excess
Mercury Supply and Storage

Mercury in Steel Flasks at an Above Ground Warehouse Storage Facility
Source: US Defense National Stockpile Center

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Hazardous Substances Underground Storage/Waste Disposal Facility using Geological (Salt Rock) Formation.
Source: K + S Entsorgung GmbH, Kassel, Germany


Asia-Pacific Mercury Storage Project:  An inception workshop took place in Bangkok, Thailand on 4-5 March 2009 that was aimed at initiating a regional process to support the sequestration of excess mercury in Asia and the Pacific. The workshop reviewed an expert report that described projected quantities of excess mercury supply in Asia and the Pacific from 2010-2050.  Long term management options for safe storage were presented, with the discussion around criteria and issues. Proceedings of the inception workshop are available here.

Governments agreed to do an options analysis and feasibility study as basis for countries’ decision for the preferred option. The final draft of the annotated outline on the “Development of Options Analysis and Feasibility Study for the Long term Storage of Mercury” outlines the DRAFT report that is available here (Draft report in word and pdf versions). Basis for the options analysis and feasibility study is the “Assessment of Excess Mercury Supply in Asia, 2010-2050”

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Mercury Storage Project:  A similar process is being undertaken for countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.  An inception workshop took place in Montevideo, Uruguay on 23-24 April where the "Assessment Report of Excess of Mercury Supply in Latin American and the Caribbean, 2010-2050" (word and pdf versions) was presented and was basis for discussion. Proceedings of the inception workshop are available here.

A LAC Mercury Storage Project Regional Consultation Meeting will take place in Panama City, Panama on 14-15 April 2010. Information about the meeting is available here.

Information on activities related to mercury storage* can be consulted as follows: the United States of America  and in the European Union. Also available are relevant legislation (Mercury Export Bans) in the US and in the EU.

* For easy reference hyperlinks and documents have been clustered together into one pdf file