Mercury air transport and fate research


  • In 2006, Italy offered to lead the UNEP-Global Partnership for Mercury Air Transport and Fate Research (UNEP-MFTP) in close cooperation with the U.S., Canada, Japan and other interested partners. The Italian National Reseach Council maintains the following web-page related to this partnership area:  http://www.cs.iia.cnr.it/UNEP-MFTP/index.htm

  • 'Mercury fate and transport in the global atmosphere: Measurements, models and policy implications' report 14 July 2008 (Table of content, Executive summary and full report (24MB, around 10 minutes to be downloaded) (Alternatively the full report can be downloaded directly from the above-mentioned website, UNEP F&T report section, Login UNEP_FT Password: Partners2008)