• The present publication is part of the series of OECD SIDS documents published by UNEP Chemicals (up to 2007) in response to its mandate to facilitate the access to information needed for health and environmental risk assessment of chemicals. The documents contain the information gathered and an Initial Assessment performed under the framework of the OECD HPV Chemicals Programme. For OECD SIDS documents published since 2007, please see the OECD Existing Chemicals Database or search on eChemPortal.
  • The information is provided as an indication of the current state of knowledge of these chemicals based on the Screening Information Data Set (SIDS), but does not presume to be comprehensive. The co-operating organizations in IPCS (UNEP, ILO, WHO) and OECD disclaim all liability for direct or consequential damages from the use of the SIDS Initial assessment data.

    For the last updated (April 2007) the following list of Chemicals has been added to our publications.

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  • General information about the OECD HPVcan be found on hte web site adress: http://www.oecd.org/env/existingchemicals
  • The summaries and evaluations contained in these assessment reports may be based on unpublished proprietary data submitted for the purpose of the OECD assessment. In many cases, national/regional regulatory authorities will not accept a regulatory submission based on the summaries and evaluation of unpublished proprietary data contained in this [these] assessment report[s] unless they have received the data on which the summaries and evaluation are based, either from:
    • The owner of the area of the data; or
    • A second party that has obtained permission from the owner of the data for this purpose; or alternatively
    • The applicant has received permission from the data owner that the summary and evaluation contained in this [these] assessment report[s] may be used in lieu of the data; or
    • Following expiry of any period of exclusive use, mandatory compensation, where required, has been offered unless the period of protection for the proprietary data concerned has expired. Applicants who wish to use data in these assessment reports should ensure that the use is consistent with the legal requirements in the country/region in which it is proposed to use the data.


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