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Stockholm Convention - DDT Restrictions

The Stockholm Convention restricts the production and use of DDT (see Article 3). The only recognized acceptable purpose of DDT use is for disease vector control (DVC) in accordance with WHO recommendations and guidelines, provided that no locally safe, effective and affordable alternatives are available. In addition the Convention requires Parties to prevent or minimize human exposure and release of DDT into the environment. Parties to the SC that intend to produce and/or use DDT for DVC are required to notify the Convention Secretariat (Annex B Part II). Notifications are included in the DDT Register. Parties using DDT are further required to provide information on amounts used, conditions of such use and its relevance to their disease management strategy. For the purpose of reporting such information a questionnaire has been adopted by the Conference of Parties. Data compiled through the questionnaire are available in the Country Profiles together with other relevant information.

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