PCDD/PCDF Inventories

Release inventories of POPs are an important piece of information for researchers, governments, public sector, and the interested public. Development of PCDD/PCDF inventories are requirements under certain multilateral environment agreements and are of research interest. They reflect a countryís situation at a reference year and typically are updated periodically.

The Dioxin/Furan Toolkit Expert Group recommended UNEP Chemicals make available these inventories. Interested parties are encouraged to submit their inventory reports for inclusion to UNEP Chemicals.

GlS assessment of PCDD/PCDF inventories

Latest PCDD/PCDF Inventories (developed with UNEPís Toolkit Ė also in Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian)
Country Reference year Full report
Argentina 2001
Cuba 2000
Morrocco 2003
Paraguay 2002
Uruguay 2003
5 countries (Asian Toolkit project):
Brunei Darussalam, Jordan, Lebanon,
Philippines, Vietnam
2001, 2000, 2000,
1999, 2002

Earlier PCDD/PCDF Inventories (also developed with UNEPís Toolkit)
Country Reference year Full report
Uruguay 2000

PCDD/PCDF Inventories (developed with methodologies other than UNEPís Toolkit)
Country Reference year Full report
New Zealand 1998

Other PCDD/PCDF Inventories  
Report Reference year Full reports
Global inventory report - UNEP 1999 English: French: Spanish:

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