Projects on POPs Analysis Capacity
Latin America Region (2008-2010)

Regional Monitoring Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (2008-2010)

According to article 16 of the Stockholm Convention on POPs, the Conference of the Parties has agreed on a Global Monitoring Plan (GMP) consisting of regional reports. In order to respond to request from developing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, regional projects have been developed to strengthen their analytical capacity and to enable their contribution to the Global POPs Monitoring Plan on POPs. The projects will also build-up a network of POPs laboratories at global level.

GRULAC GMP poster: GRULAC GMP poster

The two SAICM QSP and one GEF projects described below have been approved to assist Caribbean Small Islands States and Latin American Countires in their GMP implementation and to build institutional capacity to fulfill their obligations under the Stockholm Convention.

Project documents: Project document and Annexes
Photos: Passive Air Samplers deployed in the GEF GRULAC project

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