UNEP Global Mercury Partnership

The UNEP Global Mercury Partnership is the main mechanism for the delivery of immediate actions on mercury. The overall goal of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership is to protect human health and the global environment from the release of mercury and its compounds by minimizing and, where feasible, ultimately eliminating global, anthropogenic mercury releases to air, water and land.

The partnership areas currently identified include:

Based on needs identified by UNEP Governing Council and suggestions made by countries, a proposed business plan is also available for the following area:

An Overarching Framework for the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership
governs the work of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership.

Partnership newsletter
UNEP Global mercury partnership newsletter, No. 1, October 2009

Partnership meetings

Information for Existing and New Partners.


A list of current partners is accessible here.

New partners are invited to join the partnership.  Further information on joining the partnership can be accessed here: pdf version and word version


Reporting on Progress

The ‘Report on activities undertaken within the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership (2007-2008)’ prepared by the Partnership Advisory Group at its first meeting in April 2009 can be accessed here.

UNEP will report regularly on progress of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership to the UNEP Governing Council.  As part of the process outlined within the Overarching Framework of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership, the partnership areas will report biennially to UNEP Chemicals in accordance with the UNEP reporting format.  UNEP's draft reporting format can be accessed here.


Supporting Country Efforts to Take Action on Mercury Pollution

UNEP has, through its fund raising activities, raised some limited funding that is available to support partnership activities and implementation projects at national or regional level.  Further information can be accessed here.