International Conference on Chemicals Management,
Dubai, 4-6 February 2006

The International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM) adopted the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) in Dubai, on Monday 6 February. Further details and final documentation will follow shortly.


The conference took place from Saturday 4 to Monday 6 February 2006 at the Dubai International Convention Centre (also known as the World Trade Centre), United Arab Emirates. ICCM preceded the ninth special session of the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum, held in the same venue from 7 to 9 February 2006.

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Provided by the local organisers through their website relating to the UNEP Governing Council and associated meetings, including the ICCM.

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ICCM newsletters  

Newsletter 1 (28 December 2005)


High-level segment    
The High-level segment of the ICCM took place on Monday 6 February.
Following statements from Ministers and heads of delegation, the ICCM adopted the finalized SAICM.  
Speeches will be soon available on this website  

ICCM participants, including Governments, Intergovernmental Organisations and Non-Governmental Oganisations, displayed information during the ICCM, along side the Environmentally Sound Technologies showcase, organised by UNEP DTIE.

Side Events     
Saturday 4 February
1pm - 3 pm

- Developing Integrated National Programmes for Chemicals Management and
SAICM Implementation: Country Experiences and Future Plans


  - Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP) Launch/Update (WWF)  
  - Results of Nordic cooperation on chemicals (Nordic Council of Ministers)  
Sunday 5 February
1pm - 3 pm

- The GHS: a fundamental tool for national SAICM implementation

  - Chemicals and the Development agenda (World Bank and UNDP)  
6pm - 8pm - Responsible Care Charter and Global Product Strategy launch (ICCA)  
Monday 6 February
1pm - 3 pm
- IPEN's commitment to the 2020 Goal (IPEN)  
  - Ministerial panel discussion on environment and health (Network of Women Ministers for the Environment)  
  - Chemical leasing and Cleaner Production: a global win-win strategy for risk management (Austria/industry/TÜV/ UNIDO)  
Photo credits: IISD/Leila Meada and Jumeirah
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